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Greetings! If you've stopped in to see me at the old Computer Shack (next to Eggs Up Grill), or just passed by, you noticed I am no longer there and the Shack has been replaced by a gift shop run by my friend Lori Bleeker, The Little Yellow Basket, featuring handmade and decorative items. Before the year ends, I want to reach out to explain my disappearance and share the amazing adventure I have found myself on. This year has been the most exciting time of my life and while it was a difficult choice to leave the Shack behind the incredible happiness and peace I have realized makes me certain it was the right decision.

When I met Liz in January of this year I knew immediately we would be good friends. It took almost a month to figure out we were soulmates. Within weeks we discussed having a child and were both flabbergasted by how natural and right this idea sounded! While we both expressed strong resistance in the past, the light and intensity of our love immediately dissolved any opposition. A month later, Liz was pregnant with our daughter. Through the spring and summer our bond strengthened. Liz works at High Hill Orchard, an organic orchard in Meriden, and I started spending my days with her there, learning about organic gardening from a man with over 40 years experience and helping her in the store selling the fruits and veggies grown at the orchard as her belly grew and her back ached. We are fortunate enough to have very supportive families who made it possible for us to spend most of our time together during this critical period while our daughter was growing and getting ready to come into the world!

I moved to Meriden with Liz in April, before fall we moved to Manchester to stay with her father for a couple months while we waited to hear about a house in Marlborough we made an offer on. After a few months of waiting for the 'short sale' process to happen we realized we needed a backup plan and were lucky to find an apartment in Marlborough just a few miles from my parents house. We moved to Marlborough on December 1st and our daughter, Adharma Andraste Nass, arrived just 10 days later on December 11th at 1:37PM, 7lb 12oz and 21.5", a perfectly healthy baby girl! I am including a few photos of my beautiful girl; I am so proud to share my most precious creation with you and the world!

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I've returned to the area of the Shack and still enjoy fixing computers but now I'm able to come to you instead of requiring you to bring your computer to me. I will help my neighbors with any computer troubles or technology concerns. I want to focus closely on my local area and limit my time traveling so I can spend the most time possible with my new family. I plan to build an electric bicycle so that, when weather allows, I will be able to provide assistance while improving my own health and lessening my burden on the health of our earth.

If you wish to continue receiving communication from me please send me a message at Michael@Nass.com or 860-639-6940 so that I know you wish to remain in contact. I am planning on sending out a newsletter of sorts with current happenings and all the deals I come across on computers and gadgets so let me know if you are interested in receiving this as well as how frequently you would like to see it.

Thank you to all who have supported me in the past! I am grateful for the opportunity to have helped you with some of your computer troubles and you all helped keep the Computer Shack open over 5 years. I had some tough times personally during that period and I can't say how many times people would pop in with cookies or brownies or even a whole steak dinner and how much that helped me get through it. You know who you are and I appreciate everything you have done for me! Please let me know what I can do to return your kindness!

Happy New Year and I hope this trip around the sun will be better than the last for everyone!!